5 Ways to Improve Your Relationship When It Gets Boring

There are many ways to improve your relationship, but I just will list five of them:

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Explore new experiences together

Usually, the advice given to couples is to set aside time to be together. However, there’s an addition to this tip.

Make sure that you are actually spending time together, like talking to each other and doing the same things, and not just going to the same restaurant for a quick meal or driving to work together.

Dopamine, a brain chemical that is responsible for keeping the feeling of being in love in the brain, is triggered by experiences, so be sure that you two find ways to do new things together and find new experiences that only you two can share.

Explore new experiences together

Keep an open mind and accept your mistakes

When caught in an argument with your significant other, keep an open mind and be open to the possibility that you might have made a mistake. If you always think that you are never going to be wrong, then there will always be conflict between the two of you. According to research, a couple who is defensive for themselves and always argues with each other have a higher rate of unhappiness and a higher chance of divorce.

Because we immediately become defensive for ourselves when we get into an argument, we often miss out on what your partner wants to say. Learn how to keep an open mind during your arguments and always listen to your partner is trying to say, because he/she might have a valid point to get across. If your partner is trying to correct you, listen to their constructive criticism and try to think of how not to make the same mistakes again.

Socialize with other friends and other couples

Ways to Improve Your Relationship When It Gets Boring

If your mutual friends ask you to come out with them to a party, dinner, or a plain hang out, accept it! Don’t think that your free nights are only dedicated to spending one on one time with your significant other. Be sure to socialize and interact with other people, as well as other couples, as a pair. Why, you may ask? Because there’s something different about being with your loved one in a crowd.

Regularly seeing your partner in the midst of other people will allow yourself to be reminded of what initially attracted you to them. Giving yourself the chance to see them interact with other people is a good way to renew your attraction to your partner.

Don’t forget to take time for intimacy

A lot of the relationships are stagnant because they lack intimacy. Because the initial rush you felt in the beginning of your relationship can quickly fade, it is very important to make time for intimacy.

It gives you the opportunity to feel a unique bond with your partner, and allows you to realize what a special connection you have with them, that others cannot have. Being intimate with each other releases oxytocin, a hormone that’s responsible for the feeling of attachment.

Don’t forget to take time for intimacy

Outwardly and directly express how you feel for them

Your life can be dragging and stagnant, but it is very important that your relationship isn’t. Even if you’re going through a hard time at work or at school, the inner part of your relationship should still be filled with vigor and romance.

Sending thoughtful text messages and always verbally let your partner know how much they mean to you. Also keep in mind to show loving gestures, like holding hands in public or putting your arms around her while you’re walking. Romantic interactions like these help keep the relationship going. It makes your partner excited and will let them know that you’re proud to be their loved one.

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The Key to Better Sex Is All in Your Breathing

A few secrets of yoga can help rev up your love life.

You’ve probably considered a yoga class once or twice — maybe a friend tried to convince you — but for one reason or another it never stuck and you’re still skeptical. Consider, then, one huge bonus of the practice you may not be aware of: It can improve your sex life.

Here’s how it works: The key to yoga’s claim on your sex drive is in the breathing technique used during yoga, pranayama. It releases the same chemicals in the brain as sex does, meaning you can leave the studio post-yoga with enhanced sexual desire. Plus, during your practice, certain postures increase blood flow to the pelvic region, lighting up your sexual response. The heart rate of yogis in deep meditative states can even mirror that of frenzied lovers.

You don’t even need to go to a class to reap the benefits, either. Here are five poses you can do anywhere to get you started — in more ways than one.

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Chair Pose

Chair Pose

Chair pose engages your pelvic region by forcing you to lift your pelvic floor as you lower your tailbone. It’s the same muscles that are used in Kegel exercises and it leads to more intense control of sexual organs.

Do it: Start with your feet together, toes touching. Sit your hips back and reach your arms alongside your ears, like you are about to sit in a chair. Lengthen your tailbone down to keep from crunching in the low back, lifting the pelvic floor to elongate the spine.

Seated Wide-Legged Straddle

This wide-legged forward fold increases libido by releasing tension in the groin muscles and heightening energy levels by signaling blood flow to the pelvic region.

Do it: Extend each leg to a 45-degree angle from your hip joint and flex your feet. Take a deep breath in, lengthening the torso. On the exhale, fold forward, reaching for your toes. Keep the spine lengthened as if someone is pulling the crown of your head forward. Breath deeply into the crease created at your pelvis.

Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose

Cobra pose stretches out your sex organs and increases blood circulation to the reproductive organs.

Do it: Lie on your stomach, feet together and pointed to the back of the room. Place your hands alongside your ribs for stability, press your pelvis into the mat, and use your back muscles to lift your chest off the mat. Gaze just six inches in front of you to keep from crunching your cervical spine in your neck. Try lifting your hands off of the mat to lift higher. Lower slowly.

Breathing Techniques

Fast breathing shuts down the cortex of the brain, which controls higher thinking, and allows your primitive brain and limbic system, responsible for sexual responses, to activate and release sex hormones.

Do it: Take a deep breath in, and exhale through the nose in short, sharp breaths, pumping the diaphragm as you count to 50. Take a deep breath in and out. Repeat. You can do this in a seated position, such as lotus, where you are seated with your legs crossed, or while holding other positions.

Squat Pose

Squat Pose

This deep squatting pose keeps pelvic joints healthy by forcing you to work your inner thigh muscles, pull up the pelvic floor, and engage your abdominals. It’s also thought to stimulate your sex glands and spleen.

Do it: From a standing position, place your feet hips-width distance apart with the toes turned out. Bring palms together in front of your heart, and slowly lower down toward the mat to come to hover just above the floor. Place your biceps just behind your knees to spread them wider and to help lengthen your spine, reaching your chest up to the sky.

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6 Fifty Shades Darker Sex Positions That Will Thoroughly Satisfy Your Inner Goddess

Some of the sex in Fifty Shades Darker is seriously hot — heeeeeey there, ice cream oral; some of it is seriously impractical. But there are still plenty of steamy scenes you can use as inspo in bed. Here are six sex positions that will have your inner goddess doing back flips, or whatever.

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The Lipstick Lock Down

Ana used lipstick on Christian to mark all the places she *couldn’t* touch him, but that honestly sounds like zero fun. Try marking each other using lipstick or (even whipped cream) with all the places you *do* want to be touched. Then, let your partner’s hands or mouth roam to those spots.

The Power Shower

Fifty Shades Darker Sex Positions

Make like Christian and Ana in their unrealistically perfect shower sex scene and try adding some water to your fully-clothed bone sesh. Get a seriously heavy duty bath mat to avoid slippage, and try stripping *in* the shower before he pins you against a wall. Spoiler: this is pretty much impossible, so just hold on to a railing and go at it whatever way works for you.

Bend and Spread ‘Em

If you’re not quite ready for the play room but have graduated from plain old handcuffs and whips (so vanilla!), give a spreader bar a try. Playing with restraint and range of motion can be a serious turn on. To take this toy for an easy test drive, try attaching it to your ankles, and bending over a comfy bed while he enters you doggy style.

The Total Meltdown

Okay, besides what is sure to be a stupidly messy clean up, this is one that the book pretty much nails as-is. No need to modify. Restrain your arms and have him feed you ice cream, gently spreading some on all your sensitive areas, AKA nipples. Let him lick it off and experiment with temperature play while his very cold tongue delivers some ice-cold oral. Then go ahead and have what will definitely be some very sticky missionary sex.

Fifty Shades Darker Sex Positions

Pool Table Paradise

First, start with an argument you want to bet on, like Christian and Ana’s dispute over whether or not they’ll go back into the play room. Want him to wash the dishes for a week? Call his mom back so she stops texting you asking where he is? Great. Start up a friendly game of pool, and whoever wins the match gets their way. Winner also gets to be on top when you inevitably climb onto said pool table and bone. This way, everyone’s a winner.

The Play Room Party

If you’re ready for full-on sensory overload, try incorporating multiple toys at once, like Ana’s “birthday present” to Christian. First, pop a bullet vibe inside your vagina, because this isn’t just about him, right? With nipple clamps in place and hands restrained behind your back, ease into anal with some butt-fingering foreplay first. If that’s not your thing, you can enjoy the dual-toy experience by removing the vibe and sliding onto your stomach, where he can enter from behind.

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Holiday sex & flings

Holidays offer the chance to meet new people and maybe to have sex with them or to get closer to someone you already know. But with alcohol a major part of many holidays and high rates of sexual infections in some destinations, it pays to take extra care.

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Where are the condoms?

A trip to the pharmacy probably isn’t the first thing on your mind when you get to your holiday paradise. Depending on where you’re headed, you might not even be able to find a reliable supply of trustworthy condoms.

Be prepared for whatever you might get up to and, before you go, stock up on condoms and other sex essentials If you have to buy condoms when you are abroad always make sure you buy ones with the CE mark to ensure they are safe.

Remember not to leave them out in the sun as this can damage them, store them in a cool dry place and be careful of sun cream, baby lotion and other oil-based products that can damage condoms. Make sure you wash your hands between rubbing on the sun lotion and handling a condom.

Holiday sex & flings

Remember to play safe

Holidays are all about forgetting your day-to-day worries and relaxing – but that doesn’t mean you can forget about practising safer sex.

Rates of serious sexually transmitted infections like syphilis and HIV are much higher in some parts of the world than in the UK. Most new cases of HIV infection among heterosexuals are caught while abroad.

You can’t tell by looking at someone if they have an STI or HIV so make sure you always use a condom. Know the risks and how to reduce them – check our section on safer sex alternatives.

Oh and remember that sickness or diarrhoea can make the contraceptive pill less effective, and so can some medicines, including anti-malaria drugs. Don’t let this lead to an unintended pregnancy from a holiday romance– use a condom to help protect against both pregnancy and STIs.

Remember to play safe

If things go wrong

Not all sexually transmitted infections have obvious symptoms, and those that do might not don’t show up for a few weeks after you’ve been exposed. This means you may well be back in the UK when you realise something’s wrong.

If you think you’re having symptoms and want to know more, try out our symptom-o-tron. Better still, find out where you can get expert advice and get tested by typing your postcode into our service finder.

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