7 questions to ask your partner to help build a stronger relationship

A little concern goes a long way to keep your relationship healthy and happy with your partner. When was the last time you asked your partner if he or she is comfortable with you? Don’t worry, we can understand and that is why we bring to you seven questions that you can ask your partner to make your relationship deeper and stronger…

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​What can I do to make you feel comfortable or loved?

Many couples start treading the wrong path by assuming things. It’s always better to ask if your partner feels the need to tweak some of your habits or introduce something new into the relationship. Maybe they want you to hug them before you step out for office, or perhaps they would like to spend some me-time every day. Talk it out and make sure you both are on the same page.

​What can I do to make you feel comfortable or loved? (via Br-art)

​How can I be a good support system?

This question might seem frivolous at first, but it may lead to some honest conversation with your partner. Ask them where you can support them better and make things a little easier for them. Your partner might simply ask you to chip in some help in household chores. Trust us, the conversation would be worth it.

​Is there something from the past that is bothering you?

Holding grudges about anything from the past will weaken your relationship stronger. Rather than sweeping things under the rug, ask your partner to share if there is something that is bothering him/her and try to sort the issue immediately.

​Is there something from the past that is bothering you? (via The Cheat Sheet)

​What can I say or do for you when you return from office?

Your partner is going to melt (not literally, of course) if you ask this question. They might want as little communication as possible once they enter home, or would like to be kissed and cuddled. It just takes a question to understand them better!

​Do you want me to touch like this?

Whether it’s playing with his/her hair, holding hands or wrapping your partner in your arms—ask what makes him/her feel loved and special. We are sure you will get a good hint and don’t forget to include it in your daily schedule.

Do you want me to touch like this? (via Glamour)

​Are you happy with our sex life?

Do we need to emphasise why this question is important? Ask them what they enjoy the most and where you can turn things steamier. An honest conversation on this topic will surely improve their level of sexual satisfaction.

​Are you stressed?

Ask your partner what are the main stress factors how you can help solve these. This will help you to get a sneak peek of what is going on in your partner’s head and how are he/she is struggling with it.

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How porn ruined the first sex experience

If you have an active sex life, you will surely admit that things you see in porn leads to unrealistic expectations. Sex life, as shown in porn movies, might not be as sensual and easy-going as depicted. Unfortunately, people, especially the inexperienced ones, fall for these illusions. We asked couples how porn might have taught them the wrong lessons, and surprisingly most of them agreed that it not only gave them unrealistic expectations, but also ruined their first sex experience. Here’s what they had to say…

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​Women always orgasm

“What porn films do not show is that female orgasm is very complicated to achieve. It might take a few seconds for the women to masturbate in the porn clip, but the reality is completely different. Achieving the big-O requires a lot of patience and can take quite some time. In fact, it might not even happen every single time. I was really surprised when I saw that my girlfriend did not have an orgasm when we had sex for the first time”.

​Women always orgasm (via The Independent)

​Ejaculating on her body

“I will have a big argument with my partner if he comes on my body. But porn always shows a woman willingly accepting the man ejaculating on her, which is ridiculous. Unfortunately, that’s what my boyfriend did when we had sex for the first time because he thought that it will excite me to no end. Thanks to all the porn clips he had watched, it totally ruined my experience!”

​People have perfect bodies

“Porn actors always have the perfect bodies – think well-endowed penis, six-pack abs, rounded buttocks and ample bosom. In reality, people might have bulging tummies, uneven boobs and even a small penis, and it is completely normal. Imagine my horror when I saw my boyfriend’s penis for the first time and ended up comparing it with what I had seen in porn movies!”

​People have perfect bodies (via Maxim)

​Foreplay matters

Porn films hardly show any foreplay, nor do they show usage of any lube. They set the wrong expectation that you don’t need any lubrication, be it natural or store bought, before penetrative sex. Trust me, I learnt the importance of lubrication after I had a bad first-time experience”

​Moaning loudly is a must

“If a girl is not moaning loudly, that does not mean she is not enjoying the deed. Not everyone likes to make noises or shout erotic words.”

​Moaning loudly is a must (via Huffington Post)

​When it comes to pubic hair

“It is kind of sexist to see that females in porn movies are always shaved down there, and men are not. Every woman has pubic hair and it is her personal choice whether she wants to shave it or not. Same applies to men as well. I was really upset when my boyfriend cringed after seeing my unshaved private parts.”

​Sex positions are not that easy

“People in porn movies pull off complicated sex positions effortlessly. And surprisingly, many of them are not even possible in real life. I could not even pull off a doggie when I tried having sex for the first time.”

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