7 lesser-known sex lessons you can learn from Kamasutra

Sex is perhaps the first word that comes to your mind when someone mentions Kamasutra. But did you know that Kamasutra emphasised on women sex education? Will you be surprised if we inform you that Kamasutra instructed women to climax first? Yes, the masterpiece is more than just a manual on sex positions. We bring to you seven lessons from Kamasutra that will change your perception about sex and you would look at love making differently:

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​Size of your penis determines if you are a bull or a hare

Yes, you heard it right, size does matter. According to Kamasutra, you could be a raging bull, an energetic horse or a timid hare as per the size of your penis. However, this classification can help a man and a woman enjoy a great sexual experience by finding compatible partners based on the size of their sexual organsm.

​Size of your penis determines if you are a bull or a hare (via The Penis Enlargement)

​Be a kiss-plorer

There is a difference between kissing and kissing the right way. Confused? Let Kamasutra teach you the three ways of kissing women – the brushing kiss, the throbbing kiss and the measured kiss,. The book says that you should not restrict your kisses to her lips only. Explore and do not hesitate to kiss the hair, chest, forehead, breasts, mouth, clitoris and the inside of the mouth.

​Ladies first, please

The book not only recommends that a woman should climax first, but it also suggests different ways to give your woman multiple orgasms. It further explains that a woman should continue to pleasure her man even after getting an orgasm because, unlike a man, a woman can still be active after a climax.

​Let the woman learn about sex (via The Cheat Sheet)

​Let the woman learn about sex

Kamasutra says that a woman should read the book before marriage so that she could manage her life with her husband without any hiccups. Knowledge of the book will add to her allure which will make her feel more desirable.

​The art of wooing and approaching a woman

Kamasutra is not about just sex positions – the book has some detailed knowledge on how to talk and woo a woman. This is an art which is very difficult to master. But thankfully, you can start the right conversation with the help of Kamasutra. Tip from Kamasutra: A man can start with touching the shoulder of a woman to express desire. Wait and watch is she reciprocates.

​The pleasure of scratching your man

​The pleasure of scratching your man (via Crowne Plaza Niagara Falls Fallsview)

This is strictly for women. Kamasutra suggests eight varieties of scratch–circle, line, tiger’s claw, discus, half-moon, hare’s leap, lotus leap and peacock’s foot. Scratching your partner’s back or his thighs during the act intensifies passion. The man can reciprocate by biting the woman during moments of extreme pleasure.

​Healthy life for great sex

The book emphasises on leading a healthy life because satisfying sexual relationship is not possible without it. Kamasutra also suggests that a man must shave not only his face but also other parts of his body to maintain good personal hygiene. It further advocates hygiene and cleanliness in daily life and surroundings—how couples should live in a well-ventilated house with ample sunlight, take baths regularly and brush their teeth.

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Tips for boosting confidence in the bedroom

Sex is natural, joyous, and occasionally even worth skipping a Riverdale marathon for. But it can also be stressful, and especially for shy guys and gals who feel like fumbling amateurs among professional woo-masters. Here are seven tips for shedding those insecurities and leaving them in a heap at the bedroom door:

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Practice makes perfect

One of the most common reasons why people are shy in the bedroom is lack of sexual experience, says Vancouver-based sex therapist and relationships counselor, Dr. Teesha Morgan. And the best way to gain more boom-boom experience and therefore confidence is — wait for it — to have more sex. “It’s kind of like the idea that what we fear most is good for us,” jokes Morgan.

Practice makes perfect (via Glamour)

Forget what that jerk said back in college

If you’ve had sex, you’ve probably had an embarrassing sexual experience. Don’t let a ghost from your sexual past haunt the present. “Hanging on to the past, to resentments and anger, sadness and upset,” says Morgan, “that’s like drinking poison and thinking it’ll kill your enemy.” Morgan’s best advice: stay in the present moment.

Know what you like

Insecurity may also come from a lack of understanding about what feels good to you. Morgan counsels people to spend a little quality time with themselves. That may include self-touching.

“Connect to what you feel is sensual or sexual,” says Morgan, who also advocates carving out some quality fantasizing time, or taking a hot bath and revelling in the relaxation. Heck, do them both at the same time!

Know what you like (via Men’s Fitness)

Don’t fake orgasms — fake confidence!

“Fake it till you make it” applies as well to sexual matters as it does to careers and personal success, explains Morgan. “Confidence is your most important accessory,” says Morgan. “Even if it’s fake.”

Save your body image issues for bikini season

Not liking your boobs, your bum, your thighs, your face, your hair? It’s common, say Morgan. But forget it. Sex is about sensation, not six-pack abs, so get in touch with the sensations in your body rather than thinking about whether or not your breasts look saggy.

Do your homework

Tips to boost confidence in the bedroom (via Glamour)

To learn about your partner’s body and become more attuned to the moment, perform a sensation exercise, says Morgan. Here’s an easy one she recommends: get into your birthday suit and lie down with your similarly attired partner. Light some candles, or whatever sets the mood. Tell your partner to close their eyes as you explore their body gently (it doesn’t have to be genital-focused). “The point isn’t to bring your partner to orgasm but to explore sensations. Touch them from head to toe with varying speed, pressure, direction, for about 15 minutes,” explains Morgan. Then switch. “At the end of 30 minutes,  talk about it…what you experienced, liked, preferred, or didn’t like, etc, sensation-wise,” says Morgan.

Take baby steps

Take a baby-steps approach to engaging more deeply with your sexuality and your partner, says Morgan. It can be as simple as creating a cute code word for when you’re in the mood (“Cheetos?”) or establishing a signal (i.e., the old sock on the door knob).

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7 Tips For Surviving Your First Sex Party

Orgies are intimidating, and you’re definitely going to have a lot of, um, new experiences the first time you go to one. Don’t let that scare you off! Here are several ways to seem like sex parties are so old hat for you.

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Get new underwear

Buy it, borrow it, or make it out of yarn and a clutch purse. You need to walk into that place feeling confident and every little bit helps – even the little bit that covers your littlest bits.

Get new underwear (via Harmonia Philosophica – WordPress.com)

Do your research

Talk to people who have gone to the party before and ask specific questions. Scout it out online. In most metropolitan areas, there are sex parties for people who identify in many different ways. You might have to discuss something you don’t normally discuss with a friend, an acquaintance, your local sex shop employee, or even a stranger. But if you’re not willing to put yourself out there with your clothes ON, a sex party probably is not going to work out for you.

Follow the rules

The first rule of sex party is go to a sex party with rules. Any sex party worth your time will have rules that particularly involving safety and consent — namely that both are a must. They might have other less critical rules about where you can store your belongings, whether you must check items of clothing before entering, or even suggested costumes — it’s good to adhere to those regulations as well. Not being on theme is drastically more noticeable at a sex party. Remember when you didn’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day? In this case “green” is “pants.”

You must follow the rules (via New York Post)

Bring a friend

Or bring two, or ten. It is a party after all. If you don’t feel comfortable rolling into the sextravaganza with a minivan’s worth of pals, shoot for just one other person. Some parties even require you to bring someone to help promote responsibility, which just confirms the fact that the buddy system will never stop being relevant to your life. Even if they don’t require it, having a friend to talk to can help ease you into this new environment. If you don’t have one, make one in line to get inside! Remember this is a sex party, not the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team: there is no hope solo.

Be open-minded

That doesn’t mean do something that makes you feel unsafe. In fact, you don’t have to do anything at all. Some people go to sex parties just to watch and that is totally cool with everyone. However, don’t let your inhibitions cause you to judge others or to limit your experience either. Check your reservations where you probably were asked to check your pants, at the door.

Be open-minded (via New York Post)

Speak up

Talk to people — it’s the best way to meet more of them. Don’t be shy about telling them it’s your first time at this type of party; it’s a great ice-breaker. Either it’s their first time too and you can bond over that, or they’re a sex party veteran with tons of information to share. Win-win. Also, if you don’t like something someone is saying — or doing — absolutely speak up then as well. Talking is truly the unsung hero of the sex party, so please verbally sexpress yourself.

Be careful in hallways

If your body is not covered with clothing, certain parts might protrude. The same goes for others. Pass with caution.

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5 Tips for Having Sex at Your Parents’ House

For most people, the holiday season consists of a lot of traveling to visit family. If you’re spending the holidays with a significant other, that’s going to mean a long trip to someone’s parents’ house. You’ll probably stay overnight, probably in a twin bed or on a futon and, for a variety of reasons that you’ll regret after your parents give you a shameful look the next morning, you’ll probably try to have sex. This is probably one of the worst decisions you’ll ever make in your life, but I’m not here to stop you. Instead, here’s how to do it right:

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Embrace the situation

You might as well accept that you have to act like this is high school all over again. Hell, try forcing yourselves to stay quiet. You’d be surprised how fun that can be.

You might as well accept that you have to act like this is high school all over again (via The Spruce)

Switch it up

The best way to have sex within earshot of your parents is to not have sex within earshot of your parents, you weirdos. Sneak out and try to have sex in your car, or the bushes, or your neighbor’s attic. The adrenaline rush (especially in the last example) can definitely increase your libido.

Have sex on the floor

This might be surprising, but your old twin bed is really loud and uncomfortable. Throw a few blankets and pillows on the ground. This way, you’re not straining your childhood bedframe and sending awkward, constant squeaks throughout the house with each thrust.

Turn the TV on or something, anything

Remember to turn the TV on or something, anything (via Shape Magazine)

This one should be the most obvious. No one wants their family members hearing them have sex, unless they’re a crazy person. Hopefully you have a TV or radio or something you can crank up to hide the beautiful and awkward sounds of your lovemaking. PRO TIP: Don’t crank it up so loud that it’s obvious you’re doing weird things in your childhood bed; you want it just slightly louder than normal volume.

BONUS TIP: You can still fly solo

Just because you’re by yourself this holiday, doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to rub one out before the yuletide. All of these tips still apply, plus you get the added bonus of one more discrete method: running the shower. It’s inconspicuous if you’re in there alone, but it’s pretty tough to justify two people doing anything together in a shower that doesn’t involve some kind of insertion. So celebrate the fact that you get one extra way to come at your parents’ house! Nothing about that sentence is depressing at all!

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6 Must-Read Tips for First-Time Sex

The first time you have sex with someone — or sex at all — is a deeply individual experience. “Sex” means different things and comes with different emotions from person to person (and from hookup to hookup, TBH). That said, there are a handful of insights that can make your first time having vaginal sex comfier, more communicative, and more pleasurable, which are pretty universally great things for sex to be. Here are six first-time pointers, with advice from sex therapist Vanessa Marin.

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Being safe can actually relax you

Nothing is more distracting than worrying about STIs and pregnancy during sex. Even if it feels awkward, it is so, so, so important to chat with your partner beforehand about what you’ll do to protect yourselves. Use a condom even if you’re on another form of birth control to protect you both from STIs unless you are both monogamous with each other and STI-free.

Enthusiastic consent is a prerequisite for everything you do

“Make sure you enthusiastically consent to each and every thing the two of you do together,” Marin says. “Enthusiastic’ is a key part of that sentence. Don’t just go along with something; make sure you’re excited about it.” Remember that just because you start an activity — for example, intercourse — you don’t have to finish or continue it: You have the right to pause or stop whatever it is. No. Matter. What. Same goes for your partner, of course: Check in with each other as things progress to make sure you’re both enthusiastic about what you’re doing.

Must-Read Tips for First-Time Sex

Remember to breathe

A big part of enjoying sex is focusing on the sensations you’re feeling instead of, for example, your nervousness (which is totally common to feel your first time, even if you know you’re ready to have sex). “Deep breathing is a fantastic way to let go of distracting thoughts,” Marin points out. As you’re taking those deep breaths, focus on how different parts of your body are feeling and how your partner’s body feels against yours — not just the obvious part (penis in vagina) but their fingers in your hair, hands on your hips, whatever it is.

Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay. Did I mention foreplay?

The more aroused you are, the better sex is likely to feel, so don’t neglect foreplay — including oral sex, manual sex, and, yes, good, old-fashioned kissing. “You’re more likely to orgasm from oral sex or fingering,” Marin says, “so resist the temptation to think of these activities as the things you do before moving on to the ‘main event.’” Whether or not you do orgasm the first time you have sex, clitoral stimulation is the key to most women’s pleasure, and vaginal intercourse doesn’t usually provide very much of it.

Caring about your partner’s pleasure matters more than your technique

Must-Read Tips for First-Time Sex

It’s natural to worry that you won’t be “good” in bed your first time, but trust: what matters most is that you are invested in how your partner feels and vice versa, and that you two are communicating about it. “A lot of people get anxious about sexual performance, but perhaps the best quality in a lover is enthusiasm,” Marin says. “If you’re genuinely enjoying pleasuring him, he’ll notice it, and he’ll have a lot more fun too.” Simple questions like, “How does that feel?” and, “Do you like it when I [fill in the blank]?” give your partner a chance to express appreciation for what you’re doing or (gently) ask for something a little different.

Feedback is not the same as criticism, so don’t hesitate to give it

A common concern is that if you tell your partner something doesn’t feel good — or something else would feel better — they’ll feel attacked. But if they care about your pleasure, they’ll be happy to hear how to help you feel it. In the moment, it can be hard to figure out what exactly you want, so it can be helpful to talk after the fact about what you enjoyed, what you could do without, and what you’d like to try next time. And if you don’t have an orgasm, don’t feel pressure to pretend to have one. Think of orgasming not as your responsibility but as a fun goal to work toward with your partner(s), together.

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7 Tips for Revealing Your Sexual History

Have you had the talk yet about former lovers with your partner? Are you wondering just how honest you should be? While there’s no need to crack open the little black book and recount your history in cringe-worthy detail, some disclosure is important. “Conversation about your sexual past is important for what it reveals about what you want out of this relationship, and who you are as a person,” says New York City–based sex therapist Joy Davidson, PhD. Ultimately, it’s not as much about the details of your past as about your level of honesty. Here’s what you need to know:

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Early on, transparency is key

Is your relationship still new? Before you hit the sack—especially if you’re considering having sex without a condom—basic honesty is crucial. “If there’s something in your past such as having unprotected sex with partners whose own history you’re hazy about, or if you have a sexually transmitted disease such as herpes, you must share that news,” says Megan Norris, MS, LMFT, founder and director of Relationship Resolutions in Pittsburgh.

Tips for Revealing Your Sexual History

Honesty is the best policy…mostly

Here’s the inescapable fact about honesty: If you lie, you’re not showing your partner who you really are, which means that the basis of your relationship is shaky. If you dodge the truth, whether it’s by inventing a more varied history if you’re inexperienced or playing down an active past, you’re pretending to be someone you’re not. Dr. Davidson cautions that this is dangerous for any relationship. However, a detailed account is not necessary. “Be honest about the essence of your sexual past, not necessarily the details,” she advises.

Don’t get hung up on numbers

How many people you’ve slept with is one of those numbers (like your weight) that’s fraught with meaning. “Both low and high numbers come with judgments depending on your value system,” Dr. Davidson says. Test yourself: If you found out that his number was significantly smaller than yours, how would you feel? What if it were way, way higher? Be aware of what a discussion about partners can reveal. “What you ideally want to discuss is not the numbers themselves, but what it means to you,” Dr. Davidson says. “How do you feel about your own number? What might you do differently? What did you learn about yourself in those years?”

Tips for Revealing Your Sexual History

Remember, some details can be left out

“Men may get hung up on comparing themselves to your former lovers,” Dr. Davidson says. Put simply: They want to know that they are better, which is why waxing on about the amazing skills of some past love is never wise. “Women, on the other hand, are more likely to be hung up on that woman from their partner’s past with whom he was sexually obsessed,” adds Dr. Davidson. “Even if he says that the relationship was terrible, if he just had to have her, it can make even the most confident woman feel less-than.” Keep these hang-ups in mind when you’re weighing how much honesty is too much.

Don’t brag

You’d think this would be obvious; surely, you don’t want to tell your current lover that you had it so much better with that guy you broke up with years ago. “If your past lover was fabulous, what canbe helpful is letting your current partner know what works for you so he can be a better lover for you,” Norris says. Find ways to share what knocks your socks off without listing names, dates and places.

Set ground rules for sharing

Tips for Revealing Your Sexual History

If the two of you are going to discuss your sexual past, it’s smart to agree beforehand how it’ll go down. “Ground rules are important simply because sex is such a hot-button topic,” Norris says. For example, ask each other: “How much do you really want to know? Is it just the broad outlines, or do you need to know more?”

Be sensitive to feelings

OK, so he says he wants the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. But what if you’re sure that learning every dirty secret would make him uncomfortable? “Question him carefully about what he wants to know, then tell him what you think is best and what you’re comfortable sharing,” Dr. Davidson says. Try to divine whether he wants to know all about you in order to please you, or if he wants to know for his ego’s sake (hoping, for example, that you’ll say you’ve never had anyone better than him). Your goal is to be delicate and diplomatic while maintaining honesty. “Remember, when it comes to sex and our sexual performance, we’re all vulnerable to being hurt,” Dr. Davidson adds.

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6 Fifty Shades Darker Sex Positions That Will Thoroughly Satisfy Your Inner Goddess

Some of the sex in Fifty Shades Darker is seriously hot — heeeeeey there, ice cream oral; some of it is seriously impractical. But there are still plenty of steamy scenes you can use as inspo in bed. Here are six sex positions that will have your inner goddess doing back flips, or whatever.

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The Lipstick Lock Down

Ana used lipstick on Christian to mark all the places she *couldn’t* touch him, but that honestly sounds like zero fun. Try marking each other using lipstick or (even whipped cream) with all the places you *do* want to be touched. Then, let your partner’s hands or mouth roam to those spots.

The Power Shower

Fifty Shades Darker Sex Positions

Make like Christian and Ana in their unrealistically perfect shower sex scene and try adding some water to your fully-clothed bone sesh. Get a seriously heavy duty bath mat to avoid slippage, and try stripping *in* the shower before he pins you against a wall. Spoiler: this is pretty much impossible, so just hold on to a railing and go at it whatever way works for you.

Bend and Spread ‘Em

If you’re not quite ready for the play room but have graduated from plain old handcuffs and whips (so vanilla!), give a spreader bar a try. Playing with restraint and range of motion can be a serious turn on. To take this toy for an easy test drive, try attaching it to your ankles, and bending over a comfy bed while he enters you doggy style.

The Total Meltdown

Okay, besides what is sure to be a stupidly messy clean up, this is one that the book pretty much nails as-is. No need to modify. Restrain your arms and have him feed you ice cream, gently spreading some on all your sensitive areas, AKA nipples. Let him lick it off and experiment with temperature play while his very cold tongue delivers some ice-cold oral. Then go ahead and have what will definitely be some very sticky missionary sex.

Fifty Shades Darker Sex Positions

Pool Table Paradise

First, start with an argument you want to bet on, like Christian and Ana’s dispute over whether or not they’ll go back into the play room. Want him to wash the dishes for a week? Call his mom back so she stops texting you asking where he is? Great. Start up a friendly game of pool, and whoever wins the match gets their way. Winner also gets to be on top when you inevitably climb onto said pool table and bone. This way, everyone’s a winner.

The Play Room Party

If you’re ready for full-on sensory overload, try incorporating multiple toys at once, like Ana’s “birthday present” to Christian. First, pop a bullet vibe inside your vagina, because this isn’t just about him, right? With nipple clamps in place and hands restrained behind your back, ease into anal with some butt-fingering foreplay first. If that’s not your thing, you can enjoy the dual-toy experience by removing the vibe and sliding onto your stomach, where he can enter from behind.

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How to have non-crap sex at a festival

Music, drinks and general good spirits at a festival make a lot of us feel like getting down and dirty – but many things can go wrong, and tent sex can be a bit crap. Here are some tips help you to get a non-crap sex at a festival.

>>Tips for Safer Sex Alternatives

Wellies – check, wet wipes – check, condoms…

Whether you are actively seeking some festival romance or you believe it’s strictly off the cards, condoms are as essential as your wellies. Things can and do happen and once you’re in a field miles from the nearest shops opportunities to access contraception will be few and far between so make sure you take them with you!

Remember prepare condom

Don’t get caught

Unlike most outdoor sex where you can find a secluded spot away from prying eyes – a festival is filled with thousands of revellers which makes ‘not getting caught’ a little more tricky! Timing is everything – if you’re camping, wait until the crowds are distracted by a popular band before sneaking back to your tent to indulge. If not, your options are more limited – besides the hygiene considerations, a festival portaloo has the obvious disadvantage of a constant stream of festival goers queuing outside so isn’t the most private location! If you really can’t resist the urge, again wait for a popular band to come on before finding a quiet corner a safe distance away to get busy.

Avoid the beer goggles

Much has been said about the magical powers of Beer goggles. Example; the guy with the anorak and a dodgy haircut talking into his shoe suddenly becomes uber cool and uber sexy – the drawback is that their powers are temporary – clouding your judgment long enough for you to throw caution to the wind but disappearing just as quickly to leave you with complete clarity and possibly regret. To avoid a beer goggle-induced sexual encounter, it’s a good idea to pace yourself with alcohol consumption and have a pre-agreement with trusted friends to politely intervene and stop each other doing anything you may regret later.

Save yourself (and your friends) embarrassment

Save yourself (and your friends) embarrassment

If you do decide to take your festival flirting to the next stage and head back to the tent, for your own safety it is always wise to let someone know where you are going and with who, plus if you’re sharing a tent with a friend giving them a heads up of what you are planning will help reduce the risk of any unexpected surprises and of subjecting them to an eyeful.

Watch out for group situations that go too far…

While pitching up a tent and kicking back for a few days is a major highlight of a music festival, the combination of high spirits, alcohol and tent sharing can lead to group situations which go further than you would be comfortable with normally. At the time it might seem fun to share a sexy experience with more than one person but if this is not something you would usually do you might feel differently afterwards. This can be particularly excruciating if it happens with people you know – you don’t want to spend the next year avoiding eye contact with your flatmates. Think carefully before engaging in any sexual activity that is out of character.

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Tips for Safer Sex Alternatives

Not all types of sex carry the same levels of risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). If you are looking for the safer sex alternatives, here are some tips for you.

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What are the high-risk sex activities?

Having vaginal sex, oral sex or anal sex without a condom carries a high risk of getting an STI.

Having group sex also carries a high risk, as does having or many partners at the same time or over a period of time.

Tips for Safer Sex Alternatives

Is any type of sex totally safe?

No type of sex involving physical contact between two people can ever be 100% safe unless:

  • you have both tested negative for all STIs
  • you’ve both had no sex with anyone else since your negative results
  • you’ve both had no contact with blood, semen, breast milk or vaginal fluids from anyone else since your negative test results.

Even if you are not at risk of an STI there are other risks such as emotional ones, or risk of pregnancy

Remember, you should only have sex with someone if you are sure you are ready for sex with them.

You should only have sex with someone if you are sure you are ready for sex with them

Which types of sex are safest?

In terms of STIs, sex that involves no contact between people is safest.

These include:

  • Solo masturbation
  • Sexting and online sex

However, all of these types of sex may carry other risks. Relationships, feelings and reputations can all be damaged if you don’t take care. 

What can be done to make other types of sex safer?

Always use condoms and dental dams for oral, vaginal and anal sex

To reduce the risk of getting or passing on an STI:

  • Always use condoms and dental dams for oral, vaginal and anal sex
  • Use plenty of condom-friendly lubrication for anal sex
  • Learn how to use condoms and dental dams properly
  • Always use a fresh condom with any sex toys
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching yourself
  • Don’t touch your genitals, mouth or eyes before washing your hands if you’ve touched your partner’s genitals
  • Don’t touch your partner’s genitals, mouth or eyes before washing your hands if you’ve touched your own genitals
  • Take more care when having sex when under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Regularly get tested for STIs
  • Talk about testing with your partner
  • Communicate with sexual partners about what you do and what you don’t want.

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How to Keep Your Sex Tapes Safe

You don’t need to be Hulk Hogan to know a leaked sex tape can really burden you in the long run. But now, there’s an app for that: Enter Rumuki, the iOS app hailed as prenup for sex tapes.

>>Marriage Through Time


Enter Rumuki, the iOS app hailed as prenup for sex tapes
Enter Rumuki, the iOS app hailed as prenup for sex tapes

This is a huge deal in the age of revenge porn; there are entire law firms dedicated to litigating cases where a disgruntled ex posts their significant other’s anatomy online, a move that can ruin careers and cause emotional distress for years to come. The makers of Rumuki hope to eliminate revenge porn by creating a neutral ground—think of Rumuki as Switzerland—where both parties must be in agreement before a video can be viewed.

How it works

Keep Your Sex Tapes Safe
Keep Your Sex Tapes Safe

You and your partner download the app and link each others’ accounts. One of you films the video within the app (because tripods are so MTV Cribs Season 5), and the video is immediately encrypted and saved on each of your phones. But neither of you can view the video unless you both provide consent, and users can set one-time viewing guidelines and expiration dates so videos will vanish before things go south. And if a couple breaks up while the video still exists, either party can delete the video from both phones. The app is free for a limited time, so you’ll want to act fast if you have a history of sexy sending.